I was thinking about this, and would like perceptions of others...why are there so few whole-universe builders in sci-fi?

By whole universe I mean at least a galaxy-wide society.

Those that come to mind are of course Asimov's, the Star Wars and David Brin's five Galaxies, and such. However, most authors seem to limit themselves to the first and second stages of Wollheim's cosmogony, and even if they do get to the third "empire building" stage, they often stop with the Orion Arm.

Aside from that, there is the nature of these universes that also bothers me. Asimov chose to keep his universe almost exclusively human, and Lucas went the other way, having the galaxy dominated by human beings. Brin's suggestion is that by the time Humanity gets out of the confines of the Local Bubble it won't really be human as we know it, though he contradicts himself in a big way.

Is there a sci-fi universe that is more balanced?

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