What if the Moon never existed?

Not looking for the tech response... I know that if the Moon wasn't orbiting Earth then the oceans would, most likely, not be habitable, etc, etc...

But, for argument's sake, What if the Moon never existed during the lifetime of homo sapiens? (perhaps it was knocked out of orbit by a collision with a "free" planet passing through the solar system and Life on Earth somehow managed to survive relatively unaffected.. . don't know how to maintain life in the oceans but "assume" it can survive... that's a start to the What if? :))

What effect would that have had on our development?

Do you think we'd have gotten into space at all?

Do you think our science would have advanced quicker or slower?

Do you think....? :)

John T

None, don't you think? If the Moon had just vanished - somehow - without causing any major problems to life on Earth, why would this have had ANY impact on our development? Maybe I'm missing something, but why would that have affected the advancement of science?

Even regarding astronomy, there would still be planets in the solar system. These days, with light pollution and indoor occupations, we are less tuned to the night sky, so we might only notice the Moon. But that was far from the case in earlier centuries. And any minor disadvantages might be paired with offsetting advantages (without the "man in the moon," would we be quite so prone to seeing gods everywhere?) .

I'm not sure that the lack of a moon would have even made us much slower at getting into space. True, we wouldn't have had such a huge effort to land on the Moon, but that was a "race" made for propaganda purposes. There was little other purpose for it (evidence being that we haven't returned for so many years). It's true that this political effort might have speeded up our overall efforts in space, since discoveries were made that had other uses, too. (But it might also be possible that we would have made better choices in space exploration without it, I suppose.)

As I say, I could easily be missing something (and I'd be glad to hear alternate views). But right now, I can't think of any big effect the Moon would have had on our scientific development. Now on our *poetry*...



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